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The data is incorrect or out of date!

Click the green SYNC button below a username to refresh their data.
Getting someone's entire collection is a few dozen Hro api calls. To avoid overloading Hro's api and my own server, I don't refresh collection data on any interval. It's only updated on demand via that button.

Update 6 July 2023: Furthermore, it will now only sync collections with the scope of the current selection(s) in the set dropdown.

Why does this site have decimals when Hro doesn't?

The decimals are still a part of the official Hro site and scoring system, they just aren't displayed anywhere to the user. They do count in your leaderboard scores and help break what appear to be ties in the rounded/truncated numbers. That's why sometimes when you add up your score manually using the integer scores in a spreadsheet it may be off by a few compared to what the leaderboard shows.

Where are the rest of the market listings?

To save on api quota, Z2H only gets 1 page of market data for each listing, which include up to the top 40 mints available at the time the data is updated.

The market data is stale can I sync that too?

Due to hro api rate limits, it is cost prohibitive to provide realtime or close to realtime market data. If you want realtime market data go to Hro and watch the feed or refresh with your own account.
Zro's market data can be up to an hour stale. This means that sometimes a listing will be shown that's no longer available, or its price may have changed. Always confirm the price is what you expect before buying a card. Zro2Hro is not responsible for you buying a card that is a different price than shown on its market page.

What the heck is a "Z-Score"?

The Z-Score is a "zro'd" out number representing the total points that card gives above the minimum possible points for that card. For example, if the last mint of a card gives 12 points, and the A500 of it gives 15 points, then the A500 has a Z-Score of 3 while the last mint card has a Z-Score of 0. This number can be useful when trying to calculate the real cost per point for a card you don't yet own, or when comparing cost per point across different tiers of cards.

Can you have the site send trades or take other actions for my account?

I have a feeling if the platform grows the answer to this will eventually be yes. I know how to do it, it's not hard, but it does require you to give me your login details so I can send api requests through your account. The thing is, I don't want your login details. It would mean a lot more work on my part to ensure I handle them and the site itself securely and test that those features work exactly as intended. Given the value of your cards and accounts, I dont take that responsibility lightly.

Also geez you're willing to just give me your credentials like that? One day I could have the site trade all your cards to me and peace out forever. Don't trust anyone on the internet.

There's now a hacky workaround. I can't send a trade request for you but I on the trade page if you click the copy icon at the top of the trade summary that will build a javascript request to send the trade. To fire it, you have to go to a hro tab and open up the browser's developers tools. This may be more or less difficult depending on your browser and settings, but is easy to google and easy to do once you know where to look.

Can you implement this other feature instead?

Maybe. I make this site for free and with my own time, largely based on what I want for myself and the rest of the collector community. If you want a specific feature implemented that isn't already on my backlog, or something that is on my backlog to become a priority, you'll have to pay for it. DM me on discord to discuss. And yes, it can be something goofy like making your username sparkly or something.

What's this site built with? Can I help?

From top to bottom it's built with: MUI component library, React, NextJs. Deployed on Vercel, data stored in S3 and DynamoDB.
Nice of you to offer, but I'm happy going solo here for now.

I love this site! How can I thank you?

Cash tips are king. See details in the footer at the bottom of the site.